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What Are The Types Of Automatic Pet Food Packaging Machines

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-08-30
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There are many types of automatic granule packaging machines. How much do you know about them? For the pet food, we will describe the types of granule packaging machines.
First of all, the granule packaging machine suitable for various bag types is the combined weighing automatic feed granule packaging machine. Secondly, there is a dual-servo weighing and packaging integrated machine suitable for medium-sized bags and small bags. Both machines are composed of vibrating feeder, Z-shaped feeder, ten-head or multi-head electronic scale, finished product conveyor and main machine. The only biggest difference is that the solid particle combination weighing automatic packaging machine contains an operating platform, which allows employees to clearly observe the packaging process of the material, and can facilitate the cleaning of the machine after use, which reduces the difficulty of using the machine. The weighing and packaging integrated machine further saves the production cost of the factory.
Suitable for medium and small bags, there is also a granular measuring cup weighing automatic packaging machine. Its components are the same as those of the double servo weighing and packaging integrated machine, but the size of the machine is smaller, and the packaging materials are slightly smaller. For the feed, the packaging bag is also small.
The volumetric automatic pet food packaging machine can also be used to pack feed. It is quite different from the packaging machine described above. First of all, the host is the same. Other turntable measuring cups, single bucket elevators, finished product conveyors and rotating cooking plates are different from the previous machines. This machine is mainly aimed at your feeds that are relatively uniform in size. Ensure the integrity of the feed and will not easily damage the material.
The last one is the vertical packaging machine, which is divided into large vertical packaging machine, medium and large vertical packaging machine and small vertical packaging machine. The components of the machine are roughly the same. The main components are collar formers, vertical and horizontal sealing machines, and coding machines. The size of the machine and the size of the packaged feed are also different. The arrangement of large, medium and small is naturally different in their configuration and the model configuration of the host.
The series of granule packaging machines mentioned above are all packaging machines that can be applied to feed. Any feed type and size can be packaged to produce the most perfect packaging effect. Taking into account the different heights of each company and plant, the size of the machine that can be accommodated is naturally different, so the machines are also divided into large, medium and small types, so that every customer who needs packaging has a perfect packaging experience. Not only that, BAOPACK packaging can also give every customer the opportunity to customize the machine. How to pack, the size of the machine, the speed of packaging, and the materials to be packed are all in your hands. The host also has different models, you can start from your needs, choose the host model that suits you. The packaging machine produced by BAOPACK can pack all kinds of packaging bags. Stand-up pin bags, back-seal bags, perforated back-seal bags, three- and four-side-seal packaging bags, strip-shaped bags, continuous bags, and other bag types.
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