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Baopack Auto Packaging Machine Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with various kinds of quality packing machine including rice packing machine and sugar packing machine with high-quality services.


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Rice Bean Grains

Rice - Dry Beans - Grains - Oats - Seed - Animal Feed - Bird Seed - Pulses - Legumes

Low cost, high gain, large range of Volumetric cup filler infeeds integrated with efficient speed form fill seal vertical machine, stainless frame, SEMENS PLC control system, large touch screen, and Servo motor drawing film system, imported brand electric part, stable quality.


Many grain manufacturing companies around the world to provide quality packaging and labels to customers. Not only do they offer high quality packaging and labels, they also offer very valuable services. Technology is always changing and so do suppliers and grain packing machine manufacturers who have fostered innovation and maintained their standards extremely high. They are committed to providing only the best of the crop for their customers. To them, it's all about giving their clients the very best in service and technology, while keeping in line with their business goals.


Among the most popular products from grain packing machine manufacturers are those which help accomplish different tasks. Their most popular offerings include automatic grain-to-grain sealing and tumbling. Automatic grain-to-grain sealing is a process that has long been used by suppliers since it provides an excellent sealing and bottling method that minimizes loss and waste. It also reduces spoilage and is environmentally friendly.


Tumbling is another popular offering from grain packing machine manufacturers. This is a filling function that can be used on soft or hardwoods. It is an automated tumbler that forms the wood boards to the proper shape as determined by the customer's specific order. The tumbling function can also complete other detailed filling jobs, including pre-shaping, shrink-fitting, strip and tongue stripping, and laminating.


Form fill packaging machines are manufactured by several suppliers to meet almost any consumer need. They use standard shipping forms that can be purchased pre-filled or un-filled from vendors. They then complete the final packaging job using a welder and dies. Some of the most common examples include parts, pipes, pipe fittings, wire, tubing, clothing and shoe packages, cartons and cases, and many more.


Sand Bag Filling Machine - The next selection in our review of grain packing machine options belongs to Sand Bag Filling Machine Company. This company offers both solid wood boxes and sand bags, which are popular with many consumers. They offer both pre-finished and unfinished boxes, as well as accessories such as shrink wrap, lamination, labels, doors and more. They are one of the leading manufacturer of this type of machine, and have been in business for over 100 years!


If you need assistance selecting a grain and bag packaging machine, contact iRobotics. They are experts in this field and are always open to answering any questions you may have regarding this industry. You can visit their website for additional information about this amazing technology. This company has set the industry standard in the industry and will continue to be a leader in this exciting and vital industry.

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