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How To Use Color Mark Positioning For Vertical Packaging Machine

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  • Time: 2021-08-27
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Before we understand how the vertical packaging machine uses the color code for packaging positioning, we must first understand what the color code is. In the application of the packaging machine, the color code refers to a sign that the machine uses ribbons or color dots of different colors to print on the packaging bag during the packaging process to block or prevent deviation.
Although the packaging machine has a high level of automation, it will inevitably be affected by machine vibration and packaging material stretching during the packaging process, and there may be deviations in the cutting and sealing positions. Therefore, most of the current packaging machines are equipped with There is a color code positioning function, which is also one of the functions that many customers pay attention to when buying a machine.
In order to eliminate the problem of cutting and sealing errors as much as possible, the vertical packaging machinery control system must have the function of automatic positioning of the color code. Color mark positioning is to transmit information through sensors. It is mainly used to detect the position of the color mark of the packaging film to complete the process of cutting the bag. The whole process is automatically completed by the PLC system control technology, which involves two speed matching and position matching. Focus. Speed ?? matching means that at the cutting and sealing position of the bag, the speed of the film in and out must be the same as the speed of the cutting device and the sealing device, otherwise it may cause inaccurate cutting or inaccurate cutting and sealing of the bag.
Position matching means that the location of the color code must match the pattern and sealing of the bag design, otherwise it may cause the color code to lag forward or lag behind. Achieving these two points can effectively avoid problems such as packaging damage, material waste, and damage to machine cutting devices.
The color mark positioning function of the BAOPACK vertical packaging machine uses an electric eye device to track the position of the color mark. It is best to debug the machine and check whether the tracking position of the electric eye is accurate before packaging, so as not to affect the packaging effect. There may be customers who worry about whether the color code will affect the appearance of the packaging bag. The size and color of the color code can be set by themselves, and most of them will use low-key black. The color code size of the general packaging bag is in the range of 10x5xmm to 10x10mm, which can be determined according to the size of the packaging bag.
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