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We provide customers with various kinds of quality packing machine including rice packing machine and sugar packing machine with high-quality services.


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Integrated packaging line

We provide various packaging machine with different machine features and setting of parameter, and already with long time experience we are successfully innovate could form pillow bag, sealing bag, quad 4 side sealing bag stand up, gusset bag stripe bag etc. different shape nice appearance bag packaging machine, and meanwhile managed to make it come true that allocated the vertical packaging machine completely working compatible with also high performance weighing scales, material conveyor etc. other packaging necessary equipment and yet able to provide personalized integrate packaging solution with to the targets of hundreds categories will-packing products.
Do you know the automatic packing machine?

With the development of modern light industry, packaging machine has gradually appeared in our vision. Automatic packaging machine is one of them. It is a kind of machinery with strong packaging capacity, and can be applied to the physics of various small particles or powders, food and non-food. The biggest characteristic is that it can be continuously packaged, thus greatly saving time and labor costs.

Not only the automatic packaging machine packaging speed is fast, but also it can automatically seal and cut at the same time. It can be used not only for non-trademark packaging materials, but also for high-speed packaging using materials with trademark patterns. General machinery will make wrong judgment because of the color on the packaging material, which will result in packaging error. In order to eliminate errors, the design of packaging machine must consider the problem of automatic positioning, and the continuous photoelectric positioning system can be divided into forward and backward, brake and synchronous two transmission systems according to the way of error compensation.

Followings are the characteristics of Automatic packaging machine:

1. Advanced Chinese touch screen control, easy to operate;

2. Product packaging and date printing can be completed at one time, saving time and cost;

3. Vertical Packing Machine System with optimized structure design, which is more simple to disassembly and assembly and convenient to clean

4. Independent temperature control of horizontal and vertical seals can better adapt to all kinds of packaging materials.

5. Intelligent design, no blanking when no blanking;


How to use the Automatic packaging machine?

The automatic packing machine is suitable for packing granular strips, short strips and powder materials such as puffed food, shrimp sticks, peanuts, popcorn, cereal, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salt, laundry powder, etc.
In fact, the principle of automatic packing machine is very simple. It belongs to a PLC programmable program that enables a series of packaging actions. When the packaging machine leaves the factory, it will have its own system. When the machine works, it will strictly follow the procedures.
First, the raw material is controlled, and then weighed. When the required weight is reached, the system will automatically control it to stop and then proceed to the next process. After the material enters the packaging bag, the computer controls the sealing equipment of the packaging bag to seal, and then cuts off the equipment to cut off the packaging bag, so that the purpose of packaging can be achieved. And the packaging system is not fixed, customers can adjust according to their own needs to achieve the goal. With the increasing demand for food, medicine, daily necessities and other industries, manufacturers have been unable to meet the needs of the market by using traditional manual packaging operations, and will inevitably seek equipment to automate production and improve production efficiency. Thus, a high-quality, high-performance fully automatic packaging machine is produced.

Automatic Packaging machinery can be roughly divided into vertical packaging machine and pillow packaging machine. As for vertical packaging, it is suitable for liquids, powders and granules with good fluidity. It mainly depends on its own gravity and can be packaged by certain mechanical action if necessary. Vertical packaging machines generally have two kinds of packaging functions, i.e. cursor cutting and length cutting. The two cutting functions are convenient to switch. Which packaging mode to use when the machine is running depends on the packaging film. Packaging film is generally divided into cursor and no cursor, no cursor packaging film using fixed length cutting, on the contrary, cursor cutting; for pillow packaging, it is mainly suitable for single or combination packaging with regular shape and enough rigidity.

Automatic packaging Machine Needs to Meet Market Demand?

The development of the beverage market has driven the beverage automatic filling machine market to move forward rapidly, bringing opportunities to the industry while also bringing competition and challenges. In the next 3-5 years, the beverage market will develop low-sugar or sugar-free beverages, as well as pure natural and dairy products, while developing existing juices, teas, bottled drinking water, functional beverages, and carbonated beverages. Wait for the development of healthy beverages. The development trend of products will further promote the development of differentiated beverage automatic filling machine. All industries are gradually entering the era of automatic intelligence, and the automation trend in food machinery and equipment is becoming more and more obvious. As an important part of packaging machinery, the filling machine also conforms to the trend of the times and vigorously develops automatic filling machine. With the changes in the market, domestic beverage filling machine is also developing. Domestic beverage filling machinery manufacturers are developing towards fast, low-energy, low-cost packaging equipment, and companies that already have beverage  automatic filling machine and equipment will increase the proportion of future product updates or raise packaging machinery production lines, especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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