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We provide customers with various kinds of quality packing machine including rice packing machine and sugar packing machine with high-quality services.


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VFFS Packaging Machine

Baopack provides various auto packing machines with different machine features and settings of parameters, and already with long time experience we are successfully innovate could form pillow bags, sealing bags, quad 4 side sealing bag stand up, gusset bag stripe bags, etc. Different shapes and nice appearance VFFS packaging machine meanwhile managed to make it come true that allocated the vertical packaging machine completely working compatibly with also high performance weighing scales, material conveyor, etc.


Do You Know the Auto Packing Machine?

With the development of the modern light industry, packaging machine has gradually appeared in our vision. Auto packing machine is one of them. It is a kind of machinery with strong packaging capacity and can be applied to the physics of various small particles or powders, food and non-food. The biggest characteristic is that it can be continuously packaged, thus greatly saving time and labor costs.
Not only the automatic packaging machine packaging speed is fast, but also it can automatically seal and cut at the same time. It can be used not only for non-trademark packaging materials but also for high-speed packaging using materials with trademark patterns. General machinery will make wrong judgments because of the color of the packaging material, which will result in packaging errors. In order to eliminate errors, the design of the auto packing machine must consider the problem of automatic positioning, and the continuous photoelectric positioning system can be divided into forward and backward, brake and synchronous two transmission systems according to the way of error compensation.


Characteristics of Auto Packing Machine

1. Advanced Chinese touch screen control, easy to operate.
2. Product packaging and date printing can be completed at one time, saving time and cost.
3. Vertical packing machine system with optimized structure design, which is more simple to disassemble and assembly and convenient to clean.
4. Independent temperature control of horizontal and vertical seals can better adapt to all kinds of packaging materials.
5. Intelligent design, no blanking when no blanking.
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