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Sunflower Seeds Packaging Machine

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-09-08
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Sunflower seeds are an indispensable daily snack food, and this type of food usually comes in exquisite packaging. There are many ways to pack the bag. Generally, there are small pillow bag, self-supporting bag, paper bag, and vacuum bag packaging.


Here is an introduction to these types of packaging methods:

1. Small pillow bag with back seal

This kind of packaging method can be packaged by a small bag sunflower seed packaging machine. This packaging method is suitable for packaging sunflower seeds in a small bag, and the packaged product is easy to carry.

2. Self-supporting bag package

The self-supporting bag packaging melon seeds is generally packed with a bag-type packaging machine. This packaging machine is brand-new equipment, which is widely used for automatic bag making of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, jujube particles, strips and bulk materials. Metering, filling, sealing, printing and export of finished products. This machine is suitable for prefabricated bags with different requirements. It adopts multihead weigher and PLC intelligent control, and displays the touch screen man-machine dialogue interface in Chinese. An empty bag is not sealed, there is no bag or the ribbon is automatically exhausted and an alarm will be issued.

3. Paper bag packaging

Paper bag sunflower seed packaging machine, automatic vertical packaging machine, integrating bag making, metering filling, sealing, date printing, automatic labeling, punching and counting, high packaging speed, beautiful appearance of bag making, and diversified styles of packaging bags. Back seal bag, gusseted bag, chain bag, punching bag, etc. The packaging materials can be composite films, single-layer films and PE films and other films of various materials. Different metering methods can be used to package different types of materials. A variety of supporting equipment is optional, which can form a fully automatic packaging production line and build an unmanned chemical factory. Today, with increasing labor costs, it is an inevitable trend of social development to eliminate the backward prefabricated bag-manual measurement-manual sealing packaging method and transform it into high-speed automated packaging.

4. Vacuum bag package

Whether it is snacks or other foods, there is a shelf life. If you use vacuum packaging, you can extend the shelf life of the seeds. Vacuum packaging of sunflower seeds generally uses a premade bag vacuum sunflower seed packaging machine.

The automatic operation of the premade bag sunflower seed vacuum packing machine realizes the assembly line operation of product packaging, improves the production efficiency of all walks of life, and greatly reduces the cost. It can pack various materials, such as granular and granular materials. Only need to choose different metering and filling equipment according to different materials, large and medium-sized enterprises can realize the automation of packaging and meet the hygienic standards of food processing machinery. The premade bag sunflower seed packaging machine has a wide range of packaging. It can pack solid substances, such as cereals, corn dumplings, melon seeds, fried foods, rock sugar, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins and other snack foods.

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