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How to make the bag go straight from the beginning

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  • Time: 2020-08-13
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Just like the packaging bags we see in supermarkets, small shops and various places are very pretty, of course, this is inseparable from the credit of the packaging machine. However, sometimes the bags we make when packing materials with the packaging machine may also be imperfect. So what should we do when we encounter this problem? Next, let me answer for everyone.

If you want a bag to go straight, you have to go straight from the film-moving part. Then how do we judge that the packaging film is placed on the axis rack correctly? First of all, the packaging film should be placed in the center of the reel frame. Next, we can use a ruler to measure whether the distance between the left and right sides is the same, and then tell the correct position of the packaging film.

This is the picture of axis rack for packaging film:



front part


the detail part


If you have any questions about film removal, you can contact us without hesitation, and we look forward to long-term cooperation with you.

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