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How customers choose the most suitable vertical packaging

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  • Time: 2020-08-14
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Vertical packaging machine mainly by measuring device;Transmission system;Horizontal and vertical sealing devices;Molding machine;The filling pipe and the film pulling and feeding mechanism are composed.
Suitable for all kinds of powder;Particles;The packaging of tablets and other articles.The biggest difference between the vertical packaging machine and other packaging machines is that the feeding barrel of the packaged material is set inside the bag-making machine, and bag-making and filling materials are carried out vertically from top to bottom.
1. Determine the machine size according to the maximum film width :320, 420, 520, 620,730,820,930, 1250, etc. Determine the film width according to the size of the customer's packaging bag, and then determine the machine size.
2, according to the speed of the machine: standard machine, fast machine and high speed machine.According to the customer's own speed requirements to choose the machine, we currently provide standard machine, fast machine and high speed machine.
3. According to the bag type selection machine: pillow bag, four-sided sealing bag, ironing bag, triangular bag, olive bag, multi-row machine, full packaging machine, patchwork sewing machine, etc.According to the customer's packaging, if the customer's packaging is pillow bag, then we have to choose pillow bag machine.

The following picture is part of the packing sample bags.


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