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Why do powder packing machines use auger filler

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  • Time: 2020-08-12
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Generally speaking, packing machine package powder with an auger filler, so why use an auger filler?Because the auger filler Precision is high, so the packaging error will be small.

Powder packaging machine, especially small dose Powder packaging machine, that is, packaging specifications in the range of 5-5000 grams, the most conventional way of feeding is screw feeding,And there is no instant weighing measurement. Screw blanking belongs to volumetric measurement mode,And the volume consistency of each screw pitch is the basic condition to determine the measuring accuracy of powder packaging machine. Besides, the pitch, outside diameter,Bottom diameter and spiral blade shape will have an impact on the packaging accuracy and speed.

From what has been discussed above, If customers pack powder products, we choose auger filler, which can improve the accuracy and reduce the error. Auger filler is a powder metering device.

Secondly, there are some small packing machines as follows. Secondly, there are some small packing machines as follows.



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