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Baopack Packaging Machine Company invites professionals to train first aid knowledge for employees

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  • Time: 2020-07-28
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On July 25, 2020, Baopack packaging machine company launched first aid training. The main content is the knowledge training of first aid at the accident site. 

Firstly, the necessity of mastering first aid knowledge. Carrying out first aid for personnel in a timely and effective manner after an accident occurs is the first step in emergency response to an accident. It is the primary task of saving lives and reducing losses. Therefore, professionals train our Baopack employees with relevant knowledge. When employees have any abnormalities, the employees can easily cope with it. And the employees also interact with professionals.4778de9697a114a09dc21e10f7c9190


Secondly, correct first aid on site is essential. Through training, Baopack employees have realized that for on-site first aid after an accident, the correct implementation of first aid is very important, because first aid is a relatively professional knowledge that requires some basic medical and health knowledge. Failure to properly grasp the relevant first aid knowledge, or improper implementation of the first aid process, may lead to ineffective first aid or aggravation of injuries, and even cause casualties. Therefore, it is very important to carry out first aid correctly.

All in all, after learning this, Baopack employees can be cautious when assembling and testing the packaging machine, and don't have to panic when encountering injuries, and can calmly deal with emergencies such as trauma.


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