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The advantages of the finished product conveyor and how to choose the finished product conveyor

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  • Time: 2020-07-27
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The finished product conveyor of our company is made of stainless steel, customers can customize the size they want according to their own needs.And in principle we aim for stability and security.The finished product conveyor matches our packing machine better to make it work better.We have a variety of conveyor for customers to choose, to meet all the needs.
The size of finished product conveyor we have 200mm,295mm,300mm,400mm, can meet the different needs of customers, and we also accept customer customization.The finished product conveyor is suitable for transporting the finished product bags to the testing equipment or packing platform after packing.The main functions and structural features are as follows: First, the finished product conveyor has stainless steel and spray paint two materials can be selected;Secondly, the finished product conveyor can adjust the height, convenient for customers supporting;Finally, the finished product conveyor belt and chain plate quality for customers to choose.
Customers can choose the finished product conveyor according to their own needs, such as the size of the finished product packaging bag, the size of the site, and aesthetic aspects.In addition, customers can also customize, we have a special designer for your tailor-mad.

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