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Method For Adjusting Weight Accuracy Of Powder Packaging Machine

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-10-27
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Powder packaging machines are widely used, such as food, chemical, animal husbandry and pharmaceutical industries. And some industries have particularly high requirements for the weight accuracy of the equipment, such as medicine and veterinary medicine, because the dosage will have a direct impact on the human or animal body. In fact, the weight accuracy of the equipment can be adjusted, so what are the ways to improve the accuracy?
First, choose a device with a PLC operating system. When purchasing equipment, choose the one with PLC operating system. Using PLC computer system intelligent control, the machine automatically weighs quantitatively, and controls the weight and volume of the powder by controlling the number of screw turns, so that the measurement is more accurate and the error is minimized.
Second, choose the screw metering method. Nowadays, more and more people will choose the screw metering method to package powder, because the finished product packed by screw metering has high precision and the packaging effect is very good. For different powdery materials, the screw design used will be different. For materials with strong fluidity, such as fine salt and sugar, a flat push screw metering machine can be used. For materials with poor fluidity, such as flour and cement, you can use an extended screw gauge. Appropriate measurement methods are applied to various materials, which also affect their accuracy. The use of screw for metering can also solve the problem of material leakage and dust, so the screw powder packaging machine is welcomed by customers.
Third, adjust the screw, pitch and outer diameter of the metering device in a timely manner during the packaging process. The accuracy and speed of the packaging weight of the powder machine have a certain relationship with the various components of the meter. Adjust the setting of the measuring machine according to the type and specific gravity of the packaged material and the size of the package.
Adjusting the weight accuracy of the powder packaging machine is not accomplished overnight. It needs to be adjusted in time according to the characteristics of the material. It is also very important for the regular maintenance of the machine. When the accuracy is improved, it can greatly help us save production costs and ensure packaging quality and efficiency.
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