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Can The Vertical Powder Packaging Machine Pack Corrosive Materials

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-10-26
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Everything in the world is likely to be corroded, including metals, which will corrode when it comes in contact with highly acidic, highly alkaline or highly oxidizing items. The vertical powder packaging machine is no exception. The material it uses is a metal substance. Although it uses a relatively stable stainless steel, this possibility still exists. So can it be coated with corrosive materials? The answer is yes!
The vertical packaging machine for powder adopts higher quality stainless steel materials, such as 304 stainless steel. This material can achieve 99% anti-corrosion effect! At the same time, its surface is smooth, materials are not easy to accumulate, and it has the characteristics of high strength, safety, non-toxicity and stability. So even for powder materials with strong corrosion, there is no problem! In addition to 304#, you can also choose 316# stainless steel. The corrosion resistance of this material is more than 20% stronger than that of 304.
Then let's take a look at which powder materials are more corrosive? In fact, the most corrosive powders are chemical products, such as carbon powder, metal powder, putty powder, etc. Food powders are also available, such as salt and brown sugar powder. Some medicine powders are also corrosive.
Finally, the vertical powder packaging machine itself has its own anti-corrosion features, but it is not once and for all, we need regular maintenance, such as regular cleaning. Because the material of the equipment is stainless steel, and the exposed electronic parts have IP65 waterproof function, they can be washed directly, but before washing, you must understand the chemical characteristics of the packaged materials and whether they will produce strong acids and alkalis when exposed to water. For this type of material, we recommend "dry cleaning" the equipment, that is, open the inside, vacuum with a vacuum device, and then remove it with a dry cloth or brush.
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