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Opeartion Principles of 10 Heads Waffle Packing Machine

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  • Time: 2021-11-03
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We have a big packing line for waffle testing in our factory now before ship to the customer. There's are total 5 sets vertical packing machine with 5 sets 10 heads weigher. Let's introduce how this line waffle packing machine work.


Usually we use one Z shape conveyor to feed one weigher. And this project has 5 sets of 10 heads weigher.What should we do, it we need each Z type bucket conveyor for each weigher means that we need 5 sets of Z shape conveyor. The first point,we need to consider about the space, if the plant have enough space for 5 sets of Z shape conveyor. And the second point,we need to consider about the cost. After discuss with the customer, we finally decide to use one set of Z shape conveyor to concentrate feeding.


Althrough we decide to use one set of Z shape conveyor,but we still need to consider if the capacity is enough for feeding 5 sets machine.After we learn more about the requirements of the customer, we calculate that one set for concentrate feeding is enough.


We have the control system to feeding which weigher. When one weigher is short of products and give the signal to control system,the control system will control the cylinder to guide the products to the weigher which give signal.But we still need to consider one situation,what if no weighers give signal to require products,where the products will go.We have two belt conveyors,one is on top,the other one is on the bottom for return the products back to the hopper of the Z shape conveyor.


We also have other packing solutions for distributing the products to different weighers. All our packing solution is customized depends on the requirements. We have a done a lot of packing solutions for different products. Such as waffle packing line,sunflower seeds packing line,chips packing line,snacks packing line etc.


Welcome to learn more about us,we will provide you the suitable packing solutions according to your requirements.

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