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Preparation Before Use of Vertical Packaging Machine

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-08-25
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After the customer purchases the vertical packaging machine, the equipment undertakes the heavy packaging work. Therefore, the preparation and maintenance work before equipment use should not be ignored. Correct the following details to make your equipment work more efficiently.
1. Before using the machine, check the cleanliness of the machine to see if there is too much dust, particles, and residues. If cleaning is required, clean the parts in contact with the packaging materials with clean water. The surface of the fuselage needs to use a special rust remover, do not use clean water, the cleaning effect of clean water is not satisfactory. Wipe slowly when cleaning, don't wipe violently.
2. Check the power supply and air supply, and switch on the power supply and air supply when there is no problem.
3. Don't start working immediately after connecting the power and air source. You must wait for the temperature of the sealing roller to reach the target temperature, so as to ensure the tight sealing of the bag.
4. In the operating system, confirm that all required functions are turned on, such as feeding materials, coding switches, and color mark tracking.
5. Through the manual mode of the operating system, check the working status of each machine component, such as the stretched belt, the vertical seal, the horizontal seal and the cutter.
6. Enable empty bag debugging, and check whether there is any abnormality in the equipment packaging process by continuously making empty bags.
7. Make sure that the safety door is closed.
8. After confirming that everything is normal, set the specific packaging size, start bag making, and fill the packaging.
The above is the preparation content of the vertical packaging machine before use. Baopack as prefessional packaging machine company, we could do your favor If you want to know more about the maintenance of the packaging machine, please pay attention to the BAOPACK packaging machine, and more exciting follow-up presentations!
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