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The role of PLC for vertical packaging machine

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-06-08
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At present, the level of automation of machinery and equipment is getting higher and higher, and the use of automatic control technology in the packaging machinery industry is also increasing, and it is widely used in food, chemical, light industry, agricultural products and other industries, greatly improving production efficiency. BAOPACK Vertical Packaging Machine combines PLC and touch screen into the control system of the equipment, which combines the machine's switch setting, film reset setting, system parameter self-setting and other functions to improve the speed and accuracy of the packaging machine's operation.


PLC is a program control system. It is a device that integrates automatic control, automatic measurement, new sensors, and computer control technologies. The application principle of PLC in packaging machinery is that the system automatically completes a series of operations of material supply, measurement, filling, bag making, packaging, sealing, and bag cutting according to the procedures and parameters set by the budget.


What are the characteristics of the PLC system?


First, the level of automation is high: the use of the PLC system does not require manual feeding and weighing, and only needs to set the parameters through the touch screen. The machine can completely rely on system instructions to efficiently complete the entire packaging process, saving labor costs.


Second, accurate measurement: For vertical packaging machines, PLC can be freely combined with scales to set the packaging quantification. Both double-head and three-head scales can be used. Compared with traditional weighing instruments with lower efficiency, PLC operation can improve packaging efficiency and reduce errors.


Third, reliable quality: Our packaging machine chooses the international brand Siemens PLC series products according to the operating requirements of weighing quantitative packaging equipment and the demand for high-quality packaging equipment from domestic and foreign buyers. It has strong communication and induction. Information output capability.


In addition to the intelligent operation of controlling machine start and stop, material supply and metering, baffle and material door opening and closing, the PLC system can also detect the working conditions of sensors. If there is any abnormality in the operation of the machine, the situation can be fed back to the upper computer in time to improve the safety of machine operation.

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