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What are the differences between vertical packaging machine and horizontal packaging machine?

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  • Time: 2021-06-07
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With the continuous improvement of mechanization and automation technology, the types of packaging machines are constantly innovating, and the scope of application is becoming more and more extensive, and they have a high utilization rate in food, chemical, medical, hardware and other industries. Packaging machines can be divided into vertical packaging machines and pillow packaging machines according to their shape and structure. What is the difference between these two types of machinery? How should customers choose the appropriate type of packaging machine?


Packaging machine, also called packaging equipment, is a machine that completes a series of product packaging processes such as feeding, metering, bag making, bag cutting, and sealing. With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, the machine has achieved a high degree of automation. Now most people use automatic packaging machines to meet people's needs for efficient production. Automatic packaging machines can generally be divided into two types: vertical type and pillow type. What is the difference between the two? From what angles can customers consider which packaging machine is suitable for their product packaging?


(1) Different structure

Vertical packaging machine refers to a standing machine, which completes the packaging process from top to bottom, so its height is relatively high, but it occupies a relatively small area. The horizontal packaging machine is a horizontal machine, and the material conveying process is horizontal, so the height is low, but it occupies a large area.


(2) Different modes of operation

The roll film device of the vertical packaging machine is behind the main machine. The roll film is pulled up by the machine and conveyed to the former to complete the bag making process, and then the packaging is filled through top-down feeding, and finally sealed. The horizontal packaging machine transfers the material to the film formed device horizontally, and automatically completes the process of vacuuming or filling with nitrogen, heat sealing, and bag cutting.


(3) Different applicable packaging products

Because the vertical packaging machine is a vertical feeding method, it is more suitable for the packaging of small or irregular shaped materials such as particles, powders, and liquids. The horizontal packaging machine is more suitable for the packaging of relatively large materials with fixed shapes such as bread, cakes, instant noodles, and paper towels. It is suitable for packaging single objects or multiple objects at the same time.


Customers can first select the appropriate type of packaging equipment according to the products to be packaged, and then comprehensively consider factors such as packaging size, packaging weight, and packaging speed. BAOPACK vertical packaging machinery can be used in conjunction with different styles of feeding machines and weighing scales, thermal transfer coding machines, automatic labeling machines, finished products conveyors, etc., to truly achieve full automation of the machinery. BAOPACK Packaging Machinery develops suitable packaging solutions according to the different needs of customers.

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