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How does the granular packaging machine work?

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-04-12
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In operation, how to make better use of granular packaging machine? We must fully understand the working principle of granular packaging machine.


1. The material enters the weighing hopper through the feeding mechanism (pneumatic door);

2. After receiving the component signal of the sensor, the manipulator will operate according to the preset program value;

3. Rapid feed at the beginning (fast feed, slow feed);

4. When the component (target value-rough measurement value), stop the rapid feed signal output, and enter the medium speed (slowly add) feed;

5. When the component (target value-precision measurement value), stop outputting the adding signal and enter slow forward;

6. When the component (target value-overshoot value), the output of the slow feed signal is stopped, the feed gate is completely closed, and the fixed value weighing is completed.

7. After the bag clamping signal is input, the discharge door of the weighing hopper opens automatically.


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