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The innovation of mechanical automation

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-04-10
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1.Application of new and high technologies.

Our mechanical automation equipment has made great progress in the development of high and new technology, mainly in aseptic cold filling packaging, ultra-high temperature sterilization, vacuum packaging, computer technology and other aspects, the mature application of these technologies on food packaging after the storage time and quality has brought a reliable guarantee.Of course, in order to achieve the comprehensive technical innovation of mechanical automation in the field of food packaging, China's relevant enterprises need to continue to increase the investment in research and development.

2.Efficient use of resources.

In the utilization of resources, it is mainly to improve the mechanical equipment to carry out repeatable and renewable recycling of limited resources, fully realize the best use of things, strengthen the extraction of processed materials, and reduce the loss of food nutrition caused by packaging quality problems.

3.research and development of energy-saving equipment.

The industry predicts that the application trend of food packaging machinery in the future should be toward energy saving, recycling and intelligent development.For example, with the increasingly mature servo technology, advanced equipment are gradually common gear, belt and other mechanical transmission into servo drive, intelligent, accurate control on the basis of can also save energy to a large extent.At the same time, on the road of mechanical automation research and development, we also need to face the direction of environmental protection, this development policy is a rare development opportunity for the packaging industry, the relevant enterprises should recognize the social benefits and corporate benefits created by the road of environmental protection of machinery and equipment in advance.The innovation of this technology is not only in line with the national sustainable development strategy, but also can reduce the production cost for the enterprise itself. Therefore, the research and development of energy-saving equipment will create greater economic and ecological win-win benefits for the enterprise.



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