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The difference between liquid filling machine and liquid packaging machine

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-04-13
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For many users, there are certain misunderstandings in the understanding of liquid packaging machines and liquid filling machines. Many people think that liquid packaging machines and liquid filling machines are the same thing. In fact, there is a big difference between the liquid packaging machine and the liquid filling machine in essence.


Packaging machine is a general term for products produced and outsourced. There are many types of packaging machines and many classification methods. From different perspectives, there are many types. According to the product status, there are liquid, block, and bulk packaging machines; liquid packaging machines are packaging equipment for packaging liquid products, such as beverage filling machines, dairy filling machines, and adhesives. Thick liquid food packaging machines, liquid cleaning products and personal care products packaging machines, etc. belong to the category of liquid packaging machines.

Due to the rich variety of liquid products, there are also many types and forms of liquid product packaging machines. Among them, liquid packaging machines used to pack liquid food have higher technical requirements. Aseptic, hygienic and safe are the basic requirements of liquid food packaging machines.

Liquid filling machine is mainly used for liquid filling of lotion, care liquid, oral liquid, disinfectant, eye wash, nutrient liquid, alcohol, injection, pesticide, medicine, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and special industries.


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