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What are the classification and characteristics of conveyors

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  • Time: 2020-08-15
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Conveyor refers to a machine that uniformly transports bulk materials or packaged goods along a certain line from the loading point to the unloading point in a continuous manner. Compared with hoisting machinery, the conveying machinery is continuously conveyed along a certain line when it is working. The loading and unloading of the working components are carried out in the process of movement, no need to stop, less starting brake being conveyed. The bulk cargo is continuously distributed on the load-bearing member, and the conveyed pieces of cargo also move in a continuous manner in a certain order.

This picture shows the conveyor:



In modern cargo handling systems, conveyors play an important role.

The conveyor has the following characteristics.

①High speed and stable speed.

②Has higher productivity.

③Under the same productivity, light weight, small size, low cost and low driving power.

④The parts of the transmission machinery have low load and small impact.

⑤Compact structure, easy to manufacture and maintain.

⑥The fixed action of the conveying goods line is single, which is convenient to realize automatic control.

⑦The load is uniform during the working process, and the power consumed is almost unchanged.

⑧It can only be transported according to a certain route, and each model can only be used for certain types of goods, and is generally not suitable for transporting single items with heavy weight, and its versatility is poor.

⑨Most continuous conveyors cannot pick up goods by themselves, so certain feeding equipment is required.

The finished product conveyor:


According to different installation methods, conveyors can be divided into two categories: fixed conveyors and mobile conveyors. Fixed conveyor means that the entire equipment is fixedly installed in one place and cannot be moved. It is mainly used for fixed transportation occasions, such as dedicated docks, movement of goods in warehouses, transportation between factory production processes, receipt of raw materials and distribution of finished products, etc. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, low unit power consumption and high efficiency. Mobile conveyor means that the entire equipment is installed on wheels and can be moved. It has the characteristics of strong mobility, high utilization rate, and timely arrangement of transportation operations to meet the loading and unloading requirements. This type of equipment has a low transportation volume and a short transportation distance, and is suitable for small and medium-sized warehouses.


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