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The Benefits of Vacuum Nitrogen Filling of Potato Chip Packaging Machine

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  • Time: 2020-07-30
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We all know a kind of food vacuum packaging machine. The standard vacuum packaging machine does not have an inflatable device, unless it is a machine with special requirements. What is the inflation effect of the vacuum packaging machine? For example, some foods such as potato chips sold on the market are all packaged by inflatable packaging machines. So what are the benefits for the food after packing with nitrogen? Today our Baopack packaging machine company will introduce to you:

A. The packaging bag is beautiful and luxurious:

Vacuum fried food cannot be satisfied with pure vacuum packaging, because vacuum packaging has a pressure difference (-600-700mmHg) between the inside and outside, and air gradually penetrates into the packaging bag through the micropores of the packaging bag, causing premature corruption and deterioration of the preservation product. The vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging has a balanced internal and external pressure difference, oxygen isolation, and moisture-proof, which can not only ensure the quality of the materials, but also make the appearance of the product beautiful and generous.

This is just the transparent film without printing.



B. Light resistance of materials and packaging:

The protection of products from light is an important consideration when vacuum-fried products are stored. Ultraviolet rays have a great influence on the quality of fried foods. It is necessary for the packaging to block the 550mm wavelength of light. But from a sales point of view, consumers want to see the product through the packaging. Therefore, when a reasonable packaging is to be packaged in aluminum, a photo of the product or a small hole should be printed on the box for consumers to observe the product. .

C. Moisture-proof, anti-oxidation

Vacuum fried foods should be packed with nitrogen to avoid exposure to higher peroxide prices, but at the same time gas retention should be considered. Vacuum fried food has good storage performance, but storage conditions should be mastered and reasonable packaging should be used. Using vacuum to fill the inert gas nitrogen, the product can be stored at room temperature for 12 months, and the quality can still meet the requirements.

This is the detailed pictures of BAOPACK company’s VGT52:




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