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How to Maintain The Vertical Packing Machine?

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  • Time: 2019-12-26
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Vertical packaging machines are frequently packaged in small snack foods, and the packaging patterns are not solely in line with national hygienic standards, but additionally in aesthetic standards. Moreover, it occupies a giant market share in the packaging equipment industry. Either the improvement and growth of the food market bring a broader market for the automated packing machine. However, there are still many customers who are no longer renowned ample for the packaging machines so the understanding of the renovation of the packaging laptop is very rare. In fact, the overall vertical packaging machine protection is divided into three steps: the mechanical part, the electrical part and the mechanical lubrication.

The protection of the electrical section of the vertical packing machine:
1. Prepare tools and plant environment voltage and frequency for use of packaging machine
2. The operator of VFFS ought to take a look at the unfastened ends of the joints often before starting.

3. Dust and different small particles may additionally have an effect on a phase of the characteristic of the packaging machine, photoelectric switch, Proximity switch probe is convenient to reason fault motion when the probe is dusty, so it has to be checked and cleaned regularly;

4. The detail section is additionally the key point of mechanical cleaning. For example, oftentimes use soft gauze to dip alcohol to smooth the surface of the electric slip ring and remove the carbon powder on the surface.

5. There are some parts of the vertical packing desktop that can now not be changed at will. The non-expert personnel may now not open the electrical part. The parameters or programs of the frequency converter, microcomputer, and different control elements have been set well, and the random adjustments will purpose the device disorder machinery to work normally.

The lubrication of the vertical packing machine:

1. rolling bearing is a serious put on location in machinery, so the rolling bearings ought to be stuffed with butter gun as soon as every two months.

2. distinct types of lubricants are different, such as the axle sleeve on the curler of the packaging film, and the front chain wheel of the conveyor ought to be injected with 40# mechanical oil at the right time.

3.chain lubrication is the most frequent and distinctly simple, chain sprockets are dripped well-timed with mechanical oil viscosity increased than 40#.

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