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How To Extend The Life Expectancy of A Multihead Weigher?

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  • Time: 2019-12-27
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I,Daily inspection and nursing of I combination scale

1. The operator of the combined scale shall check whether the wire head at each joint is loose before starting the machine;

2. Dust, the remaining sundries and other small particles after measurement may also affect some functions of the combined scale. When dust falls on the probe of photoelectric switch and sensor switch, it is easy to cause misoperation, so it should be checked and cleaned frequently;

3. The detailed parts are also the key points of mechanical cleanings, such as cleaning some key parts of the combined scale with soft gauze dipped in alcohol regularly to remove the dust on its surface,

5. After a period of use, the hopper of the combined scale will accumulate residual packaging residues, which will affect the hygiene and accuracy. It should be cleaned and sorted regularly.

4. Some parts of the combined scale cannot be changed at will. Non-professional personnel shall not open the electrical part. The parameters or procedures of the frequency converter, microcomputer and other control elements have been set. Changing at will will cause system disorder and mechanical failure to work normally.

II. Lubrication of combination scale:

1. The rolling bearing is the part with serious wear in the machinery, so each rolling bearing should be filled with grease once with a grease gun about two months;

2. Different parts of lubricating oil have different types, for example, the shaft sleeve of different parts on the combination scale shall be filled with 40 × mechanical oil timely;

4. Chain lubrication is the most common, and each chain wheel chain should be dripped with mechanical oil with kinematic viscosity greater than 40 × in due time;


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