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General Faults Easily Occurring In Vertical Packaging Machine

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  • Time: 2019-04-04
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  •  When printing is not clear or no typing and production date is not available:

1. The air pressure is not enough or insufficient to reach the position.

2. The ribbon has been used up, and the vertical packing machine will not stop automatically (see the position of the shield near the switch).

3. Check the distance of each action of ribbon, when distance too close, typing unclear or no typing, and too far away to waste ribbon.

4. Rewinding tension adjusting nut is moderately loose, too tight ribbon can not pull, too loose often alarm, affecting speed.

5. The adjustment of typing time of vertical packaging machine (inside the packaging touch screen) is not clear and can be added less.

6. Check whether the characters are arranged neatly and unevenly.

7. Check for tightening or shedding of individual words.

8. Check whether the ribbon is used repeatedly without ink.

9. Check that the grains and ribbons are complex shifts and do not match up and down. The top of the grains is outside the ribbons.

10. Check whether the ribbon is rolled into strips (remove all the ink sticking to the spindle due to the ribbon falling off).



  • When the seal of vertical packing machine fails to meet the standard and is not sealed:


1. Sealing deformation

(1) The seal does not form or melt when the temperature is too high.

(2) The wrapping film is not aligned with the running edge.


2. Checking Temperature

(1) When not sealed, the temperature can be gradually warmed up.

(2) Check whether the heating plate is in good condition.

(3) Check whether the front and rear knife seats are properly positioned.

(4) Whether there are foreign bodies in the front and rear knife holders, clean them up.

(5) Check whether the air pressure is normal.

(6) Check whether the packaging film has folding phenomenon.

(7) Check whether the movement of the tool holder is smooth.

(8) Check whether the inner film of the packaging film is complete and super thick.

General Faults Easily Occurring in Vertical Packaging Machine


  •  When the light spot of vertical packing machine is not made into standard bags:


1. Check if the belt is slippery.

2. Check whether the high temperature tape is in good condition.

3. Check the collar of the bag maker for foreign bodies.

4. View the distance and position between the optical fiber head and the packaging film.

5. See if the film motor works properly.

6, whether the rear mask is not tightened and fall off.

7. Check whether the packaging film is normal.

8. Check whether the optical fibers have foreign bodies on their heads.

9. Check whether the optical amplifier reading is normal (normal 9 digits).

10. Check whether the optical fiber has scald or not, and whether the light source is normal.

11. Whether the bag length is normal or not, whether it is controlled by optical fiber.

12. Check if the belt slips.


  • When the back seal of vertical packing machine moves back and forth, it is not standard:


1. See if the position of each gear is in a line before and after, whether it is clamped and wrinkled.

2. See if there is any deviation in the position of vertical seal.

3. Look at the phenomenon of synchronization with no polarization.

4. See if the tension roller oscillates.

5. See if there is film entrapment in the process of pulling film.

6. See if the sealing temperature is too high.

7. See if the packing film pressure plate is in good condition and no loosening.

8. See if there is sticky knife in the seal.

9. See if there is pocket jamming in the supporting foot of the bag maker.

10. See if there is a scraper in the bag-making process.



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