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What are the commonly used optional devices for high quality automatic packing machines?

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-05-29
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In addition to the necessary equipment such as the fuselage, metering device, film unloading device, server, feeding machine, etc., the high quality automatic packing machine also has some configurations that can be customized and added according to the customer's packaging needs, making the entire packaging process more smooth and labor-saving ,Increase productivity. Among the various optional devices, there are several commonly used devices, let's take a look.


There are various optional devices for high quality automatic packing machines. Customers can combine and match according to the nature of the materials to be packaged. We can also make suitable recommendations for customers according to their needs. Common optional devices for high quality automatic packing machines include: gusset device, punch device, upper receiving device, lower bag device, vacuum device, inflation device, exhaust device, easy tear device, etc.

(1) Gusseting device

The gusset device of BAOPACK uses airflow to push the packaging film to bend toward the inside of the packaging bag, forming the packaging into an inwardly folded shape. The gusset device can effectively improve the stability of the packaging bag and the utilization rate of the film.

(2) Punching device

There are two types of perforation devices. One is to add a vent device to allow the air in the package to flow out properly; the other is to add a hanging hole. This is determined by the customer’s packaging design. The round hole is compared with the airplane hole. Many customers will use it.

(3) Upper receiving device

The upper receiving device is suitable for packaging materials such as potatoes, fruits, hardware accessories and so on. Because this type of material already has a certain weight individually, the film layer of some bags is relatively thin and not heavy, and the bag may be smashed during the packaging process. At this time, the material receiving device can be used. It has a load-bearing and buffering effect on the material to prevent the bag from rupturing. In addition, the upper receiving device can prevent the material from falling continuously when the bag is sealed, and prevent the material from falling on the bag seal.

(4) Lower supporting bag device

When the weight of the material is greater than 1 kg, the bag will be prone to wrinkles. At the same time, due to the heavy weight of the material, the bag may be "smashed through" when the material is unloaded. At this time, the lower support device can be used to make the bag have enough The strength of the stand up, avoid affecting the appearance of the package and maintain the integrity of the bag.

(5) Vacuum device

The vacuum device is suitable for packaging cooked food, seafood, nuts and other materials that require vacuum preservation and storage.

(6) Inflatable device

The inflator is generally installed on the former, and equipped with a nitrogen generator. It is often used for puffed food packaging and filled with nitrogen to maintain the state of the food.

(7) Exhaust device

The exhaust device is to exhaust the air in the package by pumping or squeezing, which plays a role in preventing the bag from over-expanding and breaking and reducing the volume of the package.

(8) Easy tear device

The easy-tear device refers to a design that is easy to tear on one or both sides close to the sealing position of the bag. People do not need to use scissors or other tools when opening the package, and they can tear it directly from here, which is very convenient.

(9) Patting device

The flapping device is generally installed above the horizontal seal of the packaging machine, and is generally suitable for fluffy and difficult-to-cut materials, such as Chinese herbal medicines and vegetables.

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