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Wafer biscuit production line

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-06-02
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With the development of the times, the consumption of casual snacks in the sales market has been further increased. This means that in the production of casual snacks, in addition to ensuring food quality and safety, it is also necessary to increase the productivity of the product. The food packaging machine plays an irreplaceable product in this process. As a key link in the food industry chain, food packaging technology is also facing great challenges.

With the changes in people's diet and consumption concepts and the emergence of humanized needs, everyone has more and more demand for casual snacks after tea and meals, and the closely related food packaging issues have recently become the focus of the times. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend to complete the packaging requirements of snack foods efficiently and with high quality, and to improve the degree of food automation assembly lines.

As the demand for wafers in the market is increasing and the market share increases, the demand for wafer packaging is also increasing. In order to improve the productivity of food, our company has launched a fully automatic wafer vertical packaging machine.

Compared with traditional food packaging machines, automated equipment packaging equipment shows great advantages in many aspects. First of all, traditional food packaging machinery requires a lot of manual operation in actual production. It is inevitable that there will be inadequate control and improper operation, which may easily cause food pollution or safety problems. The automated equipment packaging machinery and equipment apply sensor technology, which can detect impurities in the production line and various food parameters, quickly eliminate unqualified products, reduce the difficulty coefficient of food packaging control and improve the safety factor of food production. Secondly, the process of transporting food from the production line to the packaging line in the traditional production model is mostly manual loading and unloading, which not only consumes a lot of manpower, but is also very inefficient. Automated equipment, food packaging machinery and food production are closely connected to achieve batch packaging processing of food, so that the equipment, functions and information involved in the packaging are linked and fed back, which not only saves time, but also effectively improves packaging efficiency. Finally, automation equipment makes it possible to integrate packaging equipment. The use of intelligent control systems for the recycling of excess materials will also tend to automate wastewater treatment in the production process, which can improve the conversion efficiency of social resources and reduce the impact of waste consumption. In addition, automatic equipment packaging machinery is equipped with a detection system on each main component, which is reflected in the automatic detection system and maintenance of faults, which can detect faults in a timely and accurate manner to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

This wafer packaging line realizes fully automatic packaging, integrating feeding, sorting, weighing, packaging, counting and transportation. At the same time, several packaging machines work together, using the same conveyor for loading, using the horizontal split conveyor to transport to each combination scale, and then unloading to the vertical packaging machine for packaging, and the packaged products are transported along with the finished products. The machine is transported to the designated place. The whole process is fully automatic packaging, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves workshop space. In addition, the combination scale and packaging machine are equipped with independent touch screens, and the parameters can be adjusted directly on the touch screen.


In summary, fully automatic food packaging machinery is playing an increasingly important role in the sales market. The competition for packaging equipment is becoming increasingly fierce, and packaging machinery and equipment with low consumption, high efficiency, multi-purpose, automation, and automation equipment are becoming more and more popular. Favored by the industry. For food companies, many automated equipment and food packaging machinery use computer design and mechatronics control to continuously assist manufacturers to improve productivity and ensure the safety factor of food products. In addition, the benefits of automated equipment for waste recycling treatment and wastewater treatment are far greater than packaged foods themselves, which is an inevitable product of social development.

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