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Which industry the slope conveyor is suitable for

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  • Time: 2020-10-15
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This conveyor cooperates with the packaging machine to transport the materials to the top of the scale. The scale completes the entire packaging process of measuring, feeding, filling, and then printing the date on the packaging mechanism.

There are some technical advantage:

1. Suitable to transport the materials which is easy crash.

2. Work stable, low noise.

3. Adopt national food plastic, to ensure the food safety.

4. Easy to wash.

5. Dimension could be customized.

This picture shows the slope elevator:

slope elevator


And the slope elevator can be applied in those industries, such as suitable to deliver sheet, massive material etc. Besides, it can be used in food, feed and chemical industry. Conveyor to work through the chain of transmission with large lifting quantity and high lifting height.

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