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What Are the Characteristics of Vertical Packaging Machine?

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  • Time: 2019-11-04
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Speaking of vertical packaging machine, we must know more or less. It belongs to the category of equipment accessories. In the packaging process, the material is pulled into the feeding device for feeding, and the plastic film is formed into a cylinder through the film cylinder, and the side is sealed by the thermal vertical sealing device. At the same time, the package is injected into the bag, and the horizontal sealing knife cuts the length and position of the package according to the color code photoelectric detection device. So, what are its characteristics? Let's introduce it to you.

1. Advanced English intelligent human touch screen control, simpler operation;
2. Product packaging and printing date shall be completed once. save time and cost;
3. Optimize the structure design, disassemble and clean more conveniently;
4. The horizontal and vertical seal temperature are controlled independently, which is better suitable for various packing materials;
5. Intelligent design, no empty packing when there is no blanking;

Generally, the mainstream model of the vertical packaging machine is 320420520680800. Generally, model VP420 needs more.





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