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Three Types of Juice Packaging Machines

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  • Time: 2021-09-13
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Baopack's juice packing machine not only makes the packing process of fresh fruits or vegetables to be carried easier, prepared for sale in shops and lasting for several years longer, it also makes it more convenient. juice can be packed in various different containers. There are actually some basic points of packing machines utilized in most other packing processes with glass bottles, plastic bottles, wooden boxes or even bags. Juice packer machinery is used to produce juice on a large scale in factories or in single-office stores.


One type of juice packing machine is  automatic liquid pouch packing machine. In this type of machine, the liquid is poured into a large mesh basket in the form of foam. After that, it is covered with a thick towel to absorb any drips. Then, it is further processed through various steps like spraying the foam, spraying the mesh bag, straining and heating to create the foam. The foam is then separated from the liquid with the help of a strainer. This process is repeated till the desired consistency and density is achieved.


Another type of juice packing machine is the filling water packing machine. In this machine, the liquid is poured into a large cylindrical container via a hose. It is covered with a lid, which is later pushed down by an electric motor. It is made to function automatically after detection of the appropriate pressure. It creates enough vacuum to push the liquid through the pipes.


Still another kind of juice filling machine is the vacuum sprayer machine. This one makes use of a rotary or linear nozzle. It uses two sets of spiraling nozzles that are connected to a motor. The nozzle caps are kept open to allow a constant flow of air into the machine.


Juice compact design machines are the third variety. These machines are portable and have a very simple yet effective layout. They are made to be used conveniently in small spaces. Portable packing machines can generally be folded and packed. In addition to that, they do not consume much space.

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