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Safety knowledges Of Automatic Vertical Packaging Machines

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  • Time: 2019-01-29
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The operation of automatic vertical packing machine needs the help of electric power and mechanical tools, which is different from manual baling machine and semi-automatic baling machine. Manual and semi-automatic packing machine needs manual assistance, so automatic vertical package machine is the most safe factor among the three types of package machine.Here are some common safety tips:


1. The first is the power supply -- pay attention to the grounding of the power supply, the plug must have the required grounding pin, so as to avoid the electric shock caused by improper operation.


2. Secondly, during the operation of the machine or after the cover plate, the moving parts of the machine cannot be touched by hands at will.


3. In addition, the operating frequency of the machine should be reduced as far as possible in the working environment with corrosion and dust, so as to avoid shortening the service life of the machine due to improper use.




4. In addition, for products requiring special packaging operation, it is better to work after the debugging of the machine, such as fragile and leaky items.


6. There is another suitable operating condition for automatic vertical package machine: the temperature is generally between -20~50 degrees Celsius, which should be able to meet our normal operation.


7. During the normal working period of the baling machine, if you are not a professional technician, please keep a distance of 1 meter away, and the technician should not put his head or hands into the ring at will, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.


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