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The purpose and significance of fire safety knowledge training

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  • Time: 2020-09-15
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First of all, it’s the purpose of fire safety knowledge training:

1. Understand the meaning of fire protection work and the nature of the work of voluntary fire brigade. Voluntary fire brigade is an important force for company public security and fire protection, fire prevention, self-prevention and self-rescue. It guarantees company production and life safety, can effectively prevent fires and extinguish fires as soon as possible, minimize the loss of life and property of units and people, and promote society The basic guarantee for development.

2. Understand the use of fire fighting facilities and equipment. Familiar with the use, inspection and maintenance methods of various fire-fighting facilities, hoses, and air breathing apparatus. After encountering a fire, fire extinguishing equipment can be used correctly.

3. Master the basic methods of fire fighting. Control combustibles, isolate the air, eliminate ignition sources, and prevent the spread of fire. Basic methods: isolation method, suffocation method, cooling method, chemical suppression method.

This is the picture shows the training site:






4. Familiar with company and department fire emergency plan, evacuation and escape methods, routes, emergency evacuation procedures and measures.

After summarizing the above safety and fire protection knowledge, you will definitely know some methods and the importance to better protect the safety of company employees.

This picture shows the method of extinguishing:


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