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Rice Powder Packing Machine Wholesale

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  • Time: 2022-05-24
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Baopack automatic rice powder packing machine has a variety of functions and combines automatic weighing, conveying, sewing, and grading. Its design and operation are easy to use and maintain. Its bag system adopts stepping motor subdivision technology to ensure high accuracy and precision of weighing. It also utilizes an instrument control to ensure precise weighing and fast cutting. The machine features a sealed PLC control system and uses imported electrical and pneumatic components.


The most common types of packaging for rice flour are 500g PE film and complex film pillow bags. A bag former is used to form the film into the desired shape. It is also equipped with a photo sensor or a length encoder for the color-marking. The machine's basic associated equipment can realize automatic functions, including temperature control, batch-marking, and automatic sealing. It is easy to use, requires low maintenance, and has the capacity to produce a variety of sizes.

It has a stirrer to prevent bridging. Servo motor drive provides excellent speed and accuracy. The feeder mechanism can count the number of pouches produced in a batch. These machines also feature a wide variety of configurations to meet varying production needs. You can even customize the machine to meet your specific needs.

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