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Packaging Ideas Of Spices Packing Machine

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  • Time: 2021-12-03
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What Is Spice In Daily Life ?

In our daily life, spices give a relish to a dish. The spice mainly refers to the dried powder or essential oil of aromatic plants used in food seasoning. In ancient times, humans began to use some pungent aromatic plants as drugs for diet. Their essential oils have a high content and have a strong taste and aroma effect. They can not only promote appetite and improve food flavor, but also have the function of sterilization and antisepsis. Spices are not only powdered, but also products in the form of essential oil .


Spice is the general name of seasonings made from the seeds, fruits, roots and bark of some dry plants, such as pepper, clove, cinnamon, etc. They are mainly used to add flavor to food rather than provide nutrition. Some plants used for spices can also be used in medicine, religion, makeup, fragrance, or food. Spices are rarely used alone. Most of them are composed of several or ten ingredients.


Spices Are Divided Into 5 Categories:

1. Hot and spicy spices, such as ginger, white pepper, black pepper etc.

2. Spices with pungent effect, such as garlic, onion, leek, horseradish, etc.

3. Aromatic spices, such as laurel, cinnamon, clove, allspice, vanilla bean, nutmeg, etc.

4. Vanilla spices, such as fennel, caraway seed (Ji fennel), licorice, thyme, dried tea, etc.

5. Spices with coloring effect, such as turmeric, red pepper, saffron, etc.


How To Use Spices Packing Machine ? 

1. Figure out which kind of your spice is: granule or powder or Bars.

2. Packing types: bags, bottles , can etc.

3. Your budget.


How ever different kind of spice , different packages. Today, Baopack packing company share two kinds packing programs of packing in small bottles for your reference. One is for granule seasoning auto packing solution : white pepper ,fennel,etc. The other is powder semi- automatic packing device :curry powder, chili powder,etc.


1. Baopack’granule seasoning auto packing solution:

From left to right:empty bottles feeding machine→Z Type Chain bucket material elevator→ 10 heads scale→ Rotary filling machine→ cap sealing machine→  Round bottle labeling machine→ finished product table .It’s suitable for all kind of granular spices such as anise,spice, etc


2. Baopack  powder semi- automatic packing solution :

Working rounte: empty bottles feeding machine→ two- head auger filler →  cap sealing machine→  Round bottle labeling machine→ finished product table


Before the spices packing machine works, it needs manual to feed the pepper powder in the storage hopper, while the machine sensing the powder, it will start packing. At the meantime, if you want full automatic powder packing machine,  just need the hopper contact with your product supply port. It’s sample and easy. Also it’s suitable for all kind of powder packing, such as flour, coffee powder, milk powder etc.


These two sets of our spice packing machine are the repurchase order from our older client. Hope it can help you for your business. If you would need no matter full automatic packing machine or semi-automatic packing machine, Baopack packing machine company will always be your best choice.

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