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How To Use Automatic Vacuum Rice Packaging Machine ?

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-07-27
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Packaging machinery is widely used in all walks of life. In recent years, all packaging machinery has been moving towards a high degree of automation, high precision, high speed and high quality to complete the packaging process. Baopack automatic packaging machinery has continuously improved its technical content in the vertical automatic packaging machine for miscellaneous grains, feed and rice, and realized the modernization and automation of machinery, which has won the trust and cooperation of many customers. Therefore, in the process of cooperating with customers, we learned that many customers have the need to vacuum when they buy rice packaging machines, but they don't know how the machine vacuums, so we will summarize and answer here.


The vertical full-automatic weighing rice packaging machine is to add a device for extracting air-a vacuum pump, to achieve the effect of vacuuming. Before the machine is operated, the required parameters must be set first:


1. Choose the appropriate pumping time according to the selected packaging size. The higher the vacuum degree, the longer the pumping time;

2. According to the selection The thickness of the packaging film is used to adjust the appropriate packaging sealing temperature and time. Vacuum packaging requires relatively high bag sealing, and any degree of air leakage will affect the vacuum effect. Then adjust the position of the color mark to improve the tracking accuracy of the machine, so that the machine can complete the entire process of blanking, vacuuming, sealing, and bag cutting in a suitable position.

3. Turn on the machine and start working. When the vacuum device is pumping air, the system will generate negative pressure, allowing the film to completely wrap the product. After the pumping is completed, the heat-sealing solenoid valve is opened to seal the package. The fully automatic weighing rice packaging machine with vacuum function can complete the above processes independently, and people only need to set the parameters in advance, which is simple and easy to operate.


The packaging materials used in vacuum packaging machines are usually plastic films or aluminum foil films, which are mainly used in the vacuum packaging of solid or sauce-like foods such as grains, grains, dried fruits, pickles, preserved fruits, etc. Of course, for some chemicals, medicinal materials or Electronic parts that need to be vacuumed can also be applied. The use of vacuum packaging can effectively prevent product oxidation, food rot, moth eaten or damp, so as to extend the product's freshness time. Rice needs to be stored in a dry environment, so many customers will choose to buy an automatic packaging machine with a vacuum function to better store food.

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