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How To Clean The Powder Packaging Machine ?

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-08-02
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Regarding the maintenance of vertical powder packaging machine, it is also a key point that many customers pay attention to. For one machine with multiple toner materials, how can customers do the most convenient and time-saving way to clean?


The powder packaging machine of BAOPACK is mainly made of 304 stainless steel. First of all, it is ensured that the material will not be polluted. Regarding the equipment, it is recommended to perform sequential cleaning from the discharge port to the feeding direction. Wipe with a slightly drenched clean cloth and brush, and do not use corrosive cleaning agents for cleaning.


Cleaning of silo, silo cover, long shaft and dust cover: Wipe the powder material adhering to the warehouse wall with a damp and non-drip rag and brush, and wipe it several times until there is no adhesion on the warehouse wall, and then put it in a pollution-free environment to dry naturally. Screw meter cleaning: Because it is a powder material, it will be viscous if it is washed directly with water. For the location of the screw, it is more difficult to clean. It is recommended to use a large suction industrial vacuum cleaner for adsorption cleaning. The benefits of using a vacuum cleaner can avoid excessive production. The dust is flying, and the vacuum cleaner has already sucked it up. It is recommended to wipe the remaining powder with a clean damp and non-drip cloth to avoid contaminants, and then air dry immediately.


Precautions for cleaning:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the powder packaging machine.

2. It is forbidden to clean the rags and brushes with corrosive detergents and then wipe the powder packaging machine.

3. Check whether the power is off before cleaning, and it is strictly forbidden to clean with power.

4. It is necessary to judge whether the temperature of the powder packaging machine has dropped completely before cleaning.



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