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How to choose the vertical package machine?

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  • Time: 2019-07-26
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1. How to choose the right type of machine for customers?

Vertical packing machine models are defined according to the maximum film width, for example, the maximum acceptable film width of ZH-420 packaging machine is 420mm.

2. Know how to calculate the width of the bag.

Specifically look at the bag type, the general film width consists of two parts, the bag width * 2, the seal roller width * 2. If the angle is inserted, the depth of the angle should be added.

3. What are the common selection devices of vertical packaging machines?

Gusset device/punching device/feeding device/undercarriage device/nitrogen filling device/exhaust device/continuous packing device/easy tearing device/feeding hopper vibration device/heat transfer printer/dust remover device/bag clapping device/vacuum pumping device

4. The function of the bag-patting device?

For the fluffy or long strip material, the bag-clapping device can make the material sink to the bottom of the bag better, which is convenient for sealing rolls and cutting knives.

5. The function of feeding device?

Some single materials are heavier, such as potatoes and nuts, which are easy to smash the sheet, and the upper material can prevent the material from smashing the bag; some target weights are heavier, the sealing characteristics of the sheet are not good, the inner PE is thinner, the material is easy to smash through the cross seal, or can use the upper material.

In another case, the material can not fall off at one time, and sometimes it will affect the sealing. The upper feeding device can be used to help the sealing roller block part of the material, so as to avoid the material falling into the middle of the sealing while sealing.

6. The function of the lower support bag device?

When the target weight of the material exceeds 1 kg, the Dragon supporting the bag can not support both sides of the bag steadily, which can easily lead to wrinkles and aesthetic appearance of the cross seal. At this time, it is necessary to lower the supporting bag to bear a part of the weight. In another case, the supporting bag can be used by vibration at present.

7 Limitations of Vacuum Extraction Devices?

Generally for beans, this non-fluffy material; the material target weight should not be too heavy, more than 400 g, the effect is not good; because when vacuum is pumped, the bag will become smaller, the whole bag will be raised, if the bag is too heavy, it can not be well lifted;

8. What are the characteristics of PE film sealing device?

PE film is easy to melt, the temperature can not be too high, the film melts when the sealing roll touches the film; it needs fast contact, quick sealing and quick withdrawal of the sealing roll; the sealing form is generally a line;

9. How many notch shapes do vertical packers have?

Serrated, flat-mouthed



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