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How To Choose Pet Food Packing Machine ?

  • source: Janey Zhou;
  • Time: 2021-07-28
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Nowadays, in the process of social development, the market share of pet food is increasing year by year. Pet food is divided into dry pet food, such as: fish food, dog food, cat food, leisure snacks; semi-dry pet food, such as: pet canned food, homemade dog food, cat food; pet liquid food, such as: pet meat Sauce, pet nutrition porridge, etc. Corresponding pet food packaging machine market share has also been increased.


First of all, when choosing a pet feed packaging machine, we need to confirm 3 key issues:

  • The status, shape and size of pet feed.
  • Packing size and packing weight. The size mentioned here refers to the length and width of the bag.
  • The shape of the bag and other special requirements. Such as making gusseted bags or punching holes.


The first is the state, shape and size of the pet feed.


We divide the state of materials into granules, powders and liquids. So we will have three solutions corresponding to granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine and liquid packaging machine. Most pet feeds on the market are in granular form, and some are mixed with powder and granules, and the volume is not very large. In this way, we generally choose granule packaging machines.


The pellet packaging machine mainly includes four parts: a packaging host, a computer combination weigher, a Z-conveyor and a finished product conveyor. For different customer needs, these components have different configuration options. For example, the computer combination scale, we currently have two options of 10-head and 14-head weigher. The main difference between them lies in the accuracy and speed of measurement. If the customer's budget is relatively large, and the packaging speed and accuracy requirements are relatively high, we recommend that the customer choose 14-head weigher.


The package size and package weight:


The measurement of packaging size and packaging weight can help us determine the size of packaging machinery required. For example, the hot-selling models we are currently selling are VP42, VP52 and VP62. These numbers represent the maximum film width as well as the maximum bag width. After conversion, the maximum bag width of VP42 is 200mm, the maximum bag width of VP52 is 250mm and the maximum bag width of VP62 is 300mm. A customer once packaged 1kg of fish feed, and his bag was 200mm wide. We recommend that customers choose the VP42 model.


Finally, the shape and special requirements of the bag:


There are many types of bags that our packaging machine can make, such as back-seal bags, gusset bags, block bottom bags, three-side seal bags, and four-side seal bags. To make these different types of bags requires us to add a different device to the packaging host, or change a different model of machine. Pet feeds on the market are generally back-sealed bags and gusseted bags. No special adjustments are required to make back-seal bags. But if you want to make a gusset bag, you need to add a gusset device. And some customers have some special requirements, such as punching holes, inflating, etc. These all require additional devices on the machine.


So choosing the right machine is not difficult, and we also have one-to-one professional customer service to guide you. As long as you confirm the above three questions, you can quickly help us confirm the appropriate type of machine, the size of the machine and the additional configuration that needs to be added.

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