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Can The Automatic Vertical Packing Machine Be labeled?

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-07-24
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If I want to put a sticker on the packaging bag, can the automatic vertical packing machine be realized? The answer is yes. As we have introduced before, our machine is originally equipped with a ribbon coding machine, which can print 3 lines of text with 10 characters per line. Generally, it can satisfy customers to print production date, batch and shelf life. However, some customers may want to display more specification information about their products by attaching labels, so at this time, it is necessary to configure an additional labeling machine on the automatic vertical packing machine.


Before installing a labeling machine, customers generally need to confirm the size of the label they want to apply, and also whether they need single-sided labeling or double-sided labeling. For single-sided labeling, a labeling machine is sufficient. If it is double-sided labeling, then two additional sets are required.


The labeling machine is generally installed on the film rack. Engineers use programming and debugging to synchronize the actions of the labeling machine and the automatic vertical packing machine. During the filming process, the labeling machine sticks the label to the corresponding position on the film. . The labeling position needs to be set in advance. The labeled film will be transported to the front end of the automatic vertical packing machine for packaging into bags. In this way, the labeling work can be completed, and the labeling effect is also very good and firm. There is no need to worry about the label falling off, and the efficiency is very high.


So will the price of adding a labeling machine be very expensive? In fact, the price of the labeling machine must be determined according to the customer's requirements, because the addition of the labeling machine is a customized project. So friends who want to label don't have to worry, clarify your needs, and BAOPACK automatic vertical packing machine can be customized for you!


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