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The best automated mechanical packaging solution for salt packaging

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-06-10
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Table salt is a seasoning that is inseparable from us, and bagged salt can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. So how exactly are these bags of salt packaged? Vertical packaging machine is currently the most commonly used solution. So when choosing a vertical packaging machine for salt packaging, what should a salt processing manufacturer pay attention to?

First of all, salt is a small particle with a relatively high density, a certain degree of corrosiveness, and relatively good fluidity.


In view of these characteristics of salt, we can make these choices on the device:

1. Main machine: Vertical packaging main machine, choose the corresponding model according to the packaging size and film width. For example, if the width of the packaging bag is 200mm, then the film width is 420mm. It is more appropriate to choose the CB420 main machine. The vertical packaging machine has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, low cost of film roll forming, stable packaging quality, touch screen control, and convenient operation. In terms of material, the body can be made of 304# stainless steel, and the part that contacts with the salt can be made of more corrosion-resistant 316# stainless steel.

2. Measuring equipment: You can choose electronic combination weighing or measuring cup.

A. Electronic combination weigher: The price is relatively high, but the weighing accuracy is high, the working speed is fast, the filling weight can be adjusted through the touch screen, and the operation is more intelligent and user-friendly. At the same time, the surface is best plated with Teflon to prevent corrosion, and the material is made of 316# stainless steel.

B. Measuring cup: The measuring cup is more cost-effective. The filling weight is calculated by the fixed volume of the cup. There are several adjustment options for the quilt volume to achieve the purpose of measuring different weights. However, it is a bit more troublesome to adjust or change the cup. The accuracy of measurement is not as good as the electronic combination scale. The cup body is made of 316# stainless steel.

C. Feeding equipment: Z-type feeder, this is the best refilling equipment for granular items, using food-grade plastic hoppers, corrosion-resistant.

D. Finished product conveyor: 300mm finished product conveyor, the most mainstream material sorting device on the market at present, can save the trouble of manual inspection.

It is worth noting here that salt is corrosive, so the contact part of the machine will use more stable and corrosion-resistant 316# stainless steel, and the body part can choose 304# stainless steel. For the most frequently contacted metering equipment, you can choose to be plated with Teflon, which can better ensure that the machine is not corroded after being used for a long time.

The above is the introduction to the salt packaging machine! In addition to salt, there are other products such as sauerkraut, cured meat, chemical powder, etc., which are corrosive. These products can refer to the similar solutions above.


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