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The 15th Online and Offline China Nut and Roasted Food Exhibition in 2021

  • source: Willa He;
  • Time: 2021-05-03
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Baopack participated in the 15th Online and Offline China Nut and Roasted Food Exhibition as an exhibitor last month. At the exhibition, we exhibited a number of packaging machines for packing nuts and roasted seeds, which are very popular among visitors and food factory customers.

The exhibition is the most authoritative international event with the largest scale, the largest number of participants, a wide range of information, and the most authoritative global nut roasted nuts industry chain. Nearly 100,000 domestic and foreign distributors, purchasers, and large domestic and foreign chain supermarkets will gather online and offline. It can also learn about the global nut seed raw materials, processing, market conditions and information (including Chinese provinces and cities, the United States, Australia, Vietnam, South Africa, Iran, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and other nearly 20 countries and regions of roasted nuts products information).



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