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Workflow And Common Troubles Cf Fully Automatic Vacuum Rotary Packing Machine

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  • Time: 2019-04-18
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With the advent of the new industrialization era, the vacuum packaging industry is also advancing with the times and constantly seeking breakthroughs. Fully automatic bag feeding vacuum packaging machine is widely used in the industry. Its high productivity and unmanned operation guide the new development of the packaging industry.


The unmanned operation of the automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine is inseparable from its structure, which is mainly composed of two parts: the bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine and the weighing machine. Its working principle is to take out the vacuum packaging bag by using a manipulator, open it automatically, weigh it with a gauge, fill it, vacuum it, seal it, and complete the working cycle. The main function of the bag vacuum packaging machine is to vacuum and seal, while the weighing machine is responsible for the weighing of materials and fillers, which uses mechanization instead of manual operation. Although some manufacturers want to use full-automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine, they do not understand its working process. The following is the working process of full-automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine:


1. Bagging: The equipment takes the bags by the manipulator, and takes the bags up and down to send them to the machine clamp. No bags can warn, reduce the labor intensity and personnel, avoid the normal feeding of the machine without bags, resulting in waste.

2. Air-way bag-supporting device: Fully automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine needs air compressor, > 2 cubic meters per minute, which is used to ensure the implementation of bag-supporting, blanking and other working links.

3. Open the bags: open the bags to detect, do not open the bags and do not drop materials, to ensure that materials do not lose;

4. Filling material: testing, material does not fill, heat seal does not seal, to ensure that no waste of bags;
5. Heat Sealing: Warning of Temperature Abnormality to Ensure Sealing Quality
6. Discharge: Ensure beautiful sealing.

It is well known that no matter how powerful the equipment is, how experienced, how mature the technology is, and how long it has been put into the market, it can not guarantee that there are no problems in the process of using it. After we know the working process of the automatic bag vacuum packaging machine, we can also master some common problems and treatment methods in the process of using the bag vacuum packaging machine. We can be familiar with the palm. After grasping these methods, such problems can be dealt with quickly without delay in production. Analysis and treatment of common problems in the use of automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine.


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