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Brief summarize 5 advantages of vertical biscuit packing machine

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  • Time: 2019-07-10
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At present, the vertical biscuit packaging machine has developed very well in the packaging machinery industry. It is not only advanced in packaging technology, but also with excellent equipment and strong function. Because the Vertical biscuit packing machinery not only adopts the intelligent man-machine control interface, uses the dual frequency converter to control, uses the high sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking technology, it also has a lot of leading functions and technology. Summed up pillow bag vertical biscuit packaging machine has the following eight advantages.


1. High degree of automation, the whole machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer and stepper motor. Therefore, the pillow bag packing machine is safe and reliable, and the setting parameters are simple and convenient.


2. The transmission system of pillow bag biscuit packaging machinery is simple and stable. It can not only achieve the purpose of discharging, packing, sealing and cutting, but also effectively improve the packing efficiency.


3. The pillow bag vertical biscuit packing machine has the function of positioning and stopping. In the process of the final sealing of the packing, not only is the precision more accurate, but also the sealing cutter will not stick to the packaging film when it is continuously contracted.


4. The pillow bag biscuit packaging machine packaging environment is reliable, the whole packaging process without manual intervention, and the material contact with the material are stainless steel material, and even the drive shaft is not refueling.


5. The pillow bag biscuit packing machine energy saving and high efficiency, and can adjust and improve the technology according to the demand of different market, because it is controlled by the software as a whole, therefor it can not only keep the advantages but also keep pace with the times.


The application of vertical biscuits packing machine not only makes the packaging machinery industry a big step forward, but also promotes the development of other industries,provides great convenience for our life, and also makes the packaging machinery industry and The future of production processors more been to expected.

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