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4 Comparsions When Purchasing Packaging Machine

  • source: Amanda;
  • Time: 2021-12-15
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1. "technical equipment level":

The same are all PLC controls, and the same are man-machine interface operations, but the number of points and methods of control are very different, and the reliability, safety, stability, accuracy, and sensitivity of equipment operation will be qualitatively different. Of course, the manufacturing cost of the equipment And the price is also different.


2.  "functional satisfaction":

What are the device functions you want to achieve, what is the priority of these functions, which supplier provides equipment that meets your functional requirements, the higher the degree of compliance, it means that you have bought the product you want to buy.


3. "satisfaction with after-sales service":

When purchasing external equipment, you cannot ignore the impact of after-sales service on the operation of the equipment. It is more worry-free to choose a supplier with good after-sales service as much as possible.


4.  "equipment operating cost":

When purchasing packaging equipment, it is necessary to compare the level of operating costs, and to balance the cost of procurement is the real responsibility for the development and survival of the company. All in all, you must conduct a comprehensive inspection before purchasing, and comprehensively select the packaging machine that suits you.

4 Comparsions When Purchasing Packaging Machine
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